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With a passion for species conservation, education and connecting people with nature, Heathlands offers a suite of services that improve ecological outcomes in urban landscapes while providing benefits for people.

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Why Heathlands?

  • We aim to improve social and ecological outcomes in local communities through species conservation, education and connecting people with nature.


  • We're highly qualified with specialist skills in ecology, horticulture, bush regeneration, education & consulting.


  • We're reliable, capable, professional and passionate about the conservation of Australian native plants.


  • We're specialist propagators of Australian Native Plants, and can contract grow plants from seeds and cuttings collected either on or close to your property.

Dr. Ashlea Zivanovic

Director | Principal ecologist

With a multidisciplinary PhD in Environmental Psychology and Urban Ecology, Ash applies her unique skill set to improving social and ecological outcomes in urban landscapes. Ash has published multiple peer reviewed research articles across the topics of urban agriculture, urban greening and urban ecology. She puts theory into practice propagating plants in the nursery, delivering species conservation programs with kids at the local public school, and running workshops that connect people with nature.

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